10 Best Stock Securities List in 2022

10 Best Stock Securities List in 2022

Stock- To invest in stocks, you need to own a securities company. The following is a list of the 10 best stock securities in Indonesia.

In stock investing there is a list of the best securities companies. A securities company according to the IDX is a company that will act as a trade intermediary or what is referred to as a broker.

The selection of this securities company is done when a potential investor will open a securities account. Of course, there are dozens of securities companies in Indonesia.

However, to invest in stocks, you must choose the best stock securities, one of which already has permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that your stock transactions remain safe and reliable.

What is the list of the best stock securities in Indonesia? Come on, find out the list below!

Top 10 Securities List

BNI Sekuritas

PT Bank Negara Indonesia issued a securities company under the name BNI Sekuritas. The BNI Sekuritas platform is available in 3 systems, namely web-based, mobile, and desktop. Then, there are three stock accounts, namely regular, sharia, and margin.

The minimum purchase of shares in BNI Sekuritas is IDR 1 million with a purchase transaction fee of 0.17% and a selling transaction fee of 0.27%.

BCA Securities

The second best securities company is BCA Sekuritas, which is a member of the BCA Group. BCA Sekuritas can help foreign and domestic stock customers. Apart from being a broker for stock transactions, BCA Sekuritas can help you provide financial advice.

The purchase transaction fee is 0.18% and the selling transaction fee is 0.28%.

Maybank Kim Eng Securities

Still with securities companies from banking, now Maybank has also issued Maybank Kim Eng Sekuritas. This securities company provides various advantages such as having more experienced dealers and having special access to various corporate events.

Maybank Kim Eng Sekuritas has a selling transaction fee of 0.27% and a buy transaction fee of 0.17%.

Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia

One of the securities companies in Indonesia that has been established in 1994 is Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia. In fact, in 2018, this company won the best stock securities company award in Indonesia.

Mirae Asset Sekuritas has several advantages, such as no monthly administration fee and a 0.15% share purchase transaction fee with a selling price of 0.25%.

Indo Premier Securities

Are you looking for a securities company that has a registration fee of IDR 100,000? The answer is Indo Premier Sekuritas, this securities company is the first securities company in Indonesia since 1996.

There are various types of stock transactions that you can choose from, such as mutual funds, sharia, and artificial intelligence (AI) based securities trading application called Indo Premier Online Trading (IPOT). The sale of shares here is subject to a fee of 0.29% and a purchase transaction fee of 0.19%.

Independent Securities

The next best stock securities company is Mandiri Sekuritas which has a stock purchase transaction fee of 0.18% and a share sale transaction fee of 0.28%. Can use the advantages of securities companies on various platforms.

Then, for those of you who are still beginners in investing, don’t worry, because Mandiri Sekuritas provides free investment classes and you can also take a picture or projection of the investment you want to make.

Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia

Stock investing is not only popular among people who are already working, many students are also literate in stock investing. For those of you who are still students, you can choose Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia as the broker because the initial deposit for students is only Rp. 100 thousand. In addition to students, they must make an initial deposit of IDR 500 thousand.

Not only as a stock securities company, but Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia has also become a mutual fund securities company. The cost of buying shares is 0.18% and selling shares is 0.28%.

PT Magic Securities

One of the best stock securities in Indonesia is PT Ajaib Sekuritas, which has won several awards. Apart from being stock security, PT Ajaib Sekuritas can also be an option for mutual fund securities.

The transaction fee provided by this company also has three different levels, if you want to buy shares with a figure below Rp. 150 million, the purchase transaction fee is 0.1513% and the selling transaction fee is 0.2513%. Meanwhile, if you want to make a transaction with a large amount, which is above IDR 1.5 billion, the selling transaction fee will be 0.23% and the purchase transaction fee will be 0.13%.

MNC Securities

Under the MNC Group business, there is the best stock securities company, namely MNC Sekuritas. Besides being the best, MNC Sekuritas also provides convenience in the form of a low initial deposit of only Rp. 100 thousand. With a transaction fee of 0.18% buy and sell 0.28%.

Opening a stock account at MNC Sekuritas can also be done online and makes it easy for those of you who have a BCA account.

In 2016, MNC Sekuritas launched an online stock trading application, namely MotionTrade and Motion Trade Syariah.

Sinarmas Sekuritas

The last best stock securities company is Sinarmas Sekuritas because it has received the Best Financial Brand Award 2021. Can apply Sinarmas Sekuritas on a mobile basis so it is more flexible.

The transaction fee for buying shares at Sinarmas Sekuritas is 0.14% and 0.24% for selling shares. In addition, this company also displays different fees for those of you who want to invest with large capital. So, many profit opportunities can be obtained.

That was the list of the 10 best stock securities companies in Indonesia. You can choose how many securities companies you will use as long as the records are registered and supervised by the OJK to make them more secure and reliable.