9 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

This business is highly scalable as it relies largely on labour and by its very nature, your team would likely be remote . Sell tickets for shows and concerts, either directly for the venue as a reseller or buy them yourself and sell them at a premium nearer the time. It’s important to know it is illegal to resell tickets for sporting events unless you have express permission from the said sporting club/organisation to do so. However, it is perfectly legal to resell tickets for other events such as concerts and gigs. This method of eCommerce, means you don’t have any storage or warehouse needs and your cash isn’t tied up in stock sitting around .

On the upper side of the market it’s a pretty awesome business, get paid to hang out in a mansion while the owners are on holiday… a fully stocked fridge and a king-size bed, happy days! To market this business, you should reach out to family, friends and social network, beyond that its about word of mouth and digital marketing if https://www.midasmedici.com/ desired (i.e. PPC). Starting a handcrafted goods business is all about skill and choosing a trendy/in demand range of products you can produce (you’ll need to carefully workout product cost, hours and materials). If you already have a handcrafting skill or know how to make a particular product you can get started straight away.

To start an agency, you require a business space to operate from/meet clients , a team, a formal business structure such as a limited company, a clear brand and values, website and management structures/systems. To begin to explore franchising, you should take a look at the franchises available, then carry out market research to establish whether a particular franchise brand/business model would do well in your area. Make sure to check https://www.wikipedia.org/ for existing versions of any franchise in your area; franchisees are unlikely to allow multiple franchises in the same market/location. The days of hiring a PA are in the past; virtual assistants are all the rave. Virtual assistants operate remotely and carry out all manner of digital tasks for their busy clients. This could include everything from carrying out online research, processing data, ordering equipment to much more.

So look for award competitions in your industry, and don’t forget local or regional awards as well. Friends and family aren’t just a valuable source of advice; they are also a great, free resource for building your brand. Arm them with business cards, flyers and any other tools they might need to promote your business to the people they meet and deal with every day. It’s a great, inexpensive way to widen your circle and introduce your company to people who might not have known about it otherwise.

This might look like a huge list and as you grow your business there might be more to do to keep on top of legislation and making sure you stay on track. We can advise you onCompliance and HMRC and keep you informed to ensure that your new business is following the correct guidance. Aside from the excitement of starting a business, you have a requirement to be compliant. All businesses in the UK must register for and be subject to HMRC legislation. Businesses would traditionally use a blog on the side of the main business to grow their audience further by providing relevant information around what they do or sell.