Business: 5 Differences in Sales and Marketing

Business- sales and marketing are considered the same thing. In reality, sales and marketing have different meanings. In the business world, the two words have differences that can be reviewed through several aspects.

If you plan to open a business or business, you need to know in advance the definition of sales and marketing and the difference between the two. Underestimating the definition of sales and marketing can lead to the business you are building not growing, you know!

Come on, see a more in-depth explanation of the definitions of sales and marketing and the differences!

Understanding Sales and Marketing

So that you can understand the difference between sales and marketing, the first thing you must know is the meaning. In a business and company, sales and marketing exist as different divisions. The following is a more in-depth discussion of the meaning of sales and marketing.

Definition of Sales

Sales come from English which means sales. Sales is a description of the activities of selling goods or services. It is certain, that every company has a sales team who is responsible for sales.

The elements behind the performance and responsibilities of the sales team are the sales area, the product or service being sold, and the target customer. The explanation of the three elements are:

Sales Area

The sales team will know where they have to sell their company’s products or services when they can map out the sales area.

Product Goods or Services Sold

The sales team will know the marketing strategy that will be applied when they have an in-depth understanding of the goods or services being sold.

Target Customers

The sales team will know the right target customers for the successful sale of the goods and services they sell. This third element is one of the keys to a successful sales process.

Sales also have several factors that can influence them, including:

  1. Market conditions
  2. The ability of the seller (sales)
  3. company status
  4. Model
  5. Marketing strategy: product marketing, events, gifts, and discounts
  6. Customers

Definition of Marketing

In a business, marketing is a broader and deeper process. This process includes product planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, with the aim of satisfying customer needs.

The purpose of marketing is so that buyers who buy goods or services can remember them. Then, they promote it to other people and other customers buy it. We can call it brand awareness. Over time, the marketing mix concept has become a 7P marketing mix, namely people, process, and physical evidence.

Difference between Sales and Marketing

After knowing the meaning of sales and marketing and their respective duties, here are the differences between sales and marketing.

1. Focus on Goals

Based on the understanding described above, the focus of sales is selling goods or services. So the focus of sales activities is the achievement of targets.

The selling principle is that the more goods or services they can sell, the better the condition of the company. This is because the number of sales will affect the company’s cash flow.

The focus of marketing is not only on selling products but also on creating brand awareness. This method is done so that the product can be remembered by consumers, promoted by consumers to others without being asked, and customers will continue to buy the product (repurchase).

Indeed, the main purpose of marketing is to create a product image (branding). Even though there are many similar products on the market, consumers will still choose the products you sell.

By carrying out marketing activities, it can build customer trust automatically.

In conclusion, We can see the difference between sales and marketing from the goal. The sales focus is to make the audience into potential customers, while the marketing focus is to build customer satisfaction which will make long-term sales and turn potential customers into loyal customers.

2. Work Process

Work processes are the difference between sales and marketing. The sales work process is to meet directly with consumers. This form of meeting can be face to face, by telephone, by sending messages, and so on.

Meanwhile, the marketing work process takes place behind the customer, so marketers do not need to meet directly with consumers. This is because marketers will think more about market share, promotion methods, identification of product strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

3. Customer Relations

Often relationships with customers in sales activities are not important because the focus of sales activities is to sell as many products as possible. When the consumer has received the product, the sales task has ended. For customer satisfaction regarding the products purchased and various similar things, there is no need to ask.

However, it is different from marketing, which must maintain long-term good relationships with customers after purchasing products. Ways that are usually done by marketers to establish relationships with customers such as asking customers to provide reviews related to products that have been purchased, customers are asked to provide feedback, and so on.

4. Scope of Work

The scope of sales work is not so broad and the duration of work tends to be short because the purpose of sales is to sell products and make transactions.

The scope of marketing work is bigger, and the work duration tends to be longer. This is because the scope of marketing work includes market research (market research), public relations (maintaining good relations with customers), and customer satisfaction (maintaining customer satisfaction).

5. Prospect

The prospect of sales is to work with targets that have been determined by the company through marketing, while the prospect of marketing is to create new prospects continuously so that the products sold are not easily drowned in the midst of market competition and the times.