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Or it can be hard to establish an accurate picture of the performance of complex programmes due to the challenge of reporting against huge amounts of siloed data. Employee health and wellbeing are therefore crucial to an organisation’s success. However, the working environment has been reframed with most of the workforce now working remotely. BI has a massive role to play in supporting these critical decisions being made.

They provide analysis of trends and prospects from the perspective of the latest data, policy and other events and summarise our short-term thinking about the ‘state of the economy’. Our market research will gather the facts you need to make critical business decisions, from entering new markets or industries to partnering with other organisations (i.e. Mergers & Acquisitions). CRI® Group has experience in interpreting and communicating this information in a way that allows you to implement it into your business planning. Business Intelligence is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which your business operates with data from within such as financial and operations data . When combined, this data can provide a complete picture so that you can make any business decision ranging from operational to strategic – such as product positioning or pricing.

Executive Information Systems were all the rage for some time, with some executives thinking that they finally had the magic formula that would allow them to gather all the relevant information. Unfortunately, the rigidity of the mainframe-based systems that were in use rather limited the use of EIS products. Graduates have gone into roles such as BI/SQL developers, logistics data modellers, and insight analysts, at organisations including Cognisco, LLamasoft and Occam DM. Today, virtually every industry in the current market is going through a state of digital transformation. solutions collect and analyse the actionable and current data within your ecosystem, intending to provide insights into the solutions that may improve business operations. If you’re looking for an opportunity to discover pain points in your workflows or improve business operations, business intelligence solutions could be the answer. As the BI landscape continues to evolve, more distinct definitions have begun to appear. It’s quickly becoming evident that there isn’t just one way to describe business intelligence systems anymore.

On 30 January 2017, following a four-month trial, former HBOS employees Scourfield and Mark Dobson involved in HBOS scandal were convicted of fraud and corruption involving a scheme that cost the bank £245m. Even with much of the world under partial lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been no shortage of bribery and corruption cases through the first half of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for industries, organisations and their teams on every level.

You will graduate with an accredited, industry-recognised certification from SAS and be well placed to take up management and business information systems development roles in the industry. We will teach you to review data mining methods and techniques available for effectively uncovering important information from large data sets. In doing so, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of data mining methods and gain practical experience of using the data mining software, SAS Enterprise Miner. Here are how some major industries are using business intelligence technologies today. The BI Team have delivered a number of different workstreams delivering reporting and analytics solutions across the University.