Business Intelligence Services

Now the platform has driven the current release of industry-leading cloud analytics, Oracle Analytics. Business intelligence can be used to measure a wide range of metrics and KPIs using data from financial, marketing, customer service, HR and operations departments. With all of this data synchronised in one report, businesses can establish stronger links between different business functions as everyone has a shared view and understanding of performance. It provides integration with OpenText™ Content Server as well as third-party applications and data sources.

When you download an app and it asks to access your contacts, location, and other information, it seems harmless enough, right? Surely the app will only use your data for its stated purpose, and only… The United Arab Emirates is a land of complex extremes where fabulous wealth and supercars live right next to staggering poverty. CRI® Group is once again a proud supporter of 2021’s International Fraud Awareness Week. Taking place throughout the week of November 14th to November 20th of 2021, International Fraud Awareness Week is a global effort…

Self-service BI allows business users to access data as per their requirements without any dependence on IT and MIS teams. SSBI tools won’t require uses to have extensive knowledge about data analysis or BI. Augmented Analytics helps relieve an organization’s dependence on data scientists or other manual processes by automating the insight generation processwith the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. With an augmented analytics system you can automatically go through your company’s data, clean it, analyze it, and convert data into actionable insights for decision-makers with little to no supervision from a technical expert.

Connector integration that makes it easier to move Hadoop data into your tools. Whether you need help with a BI project or one-off consultancy, we’ll help you plan and roll-out intelligent strategies and solutions tailored to your exact needs. We offer a fully managed end-to-end BIaaS that’s tailored to your organisation and its needs, helping you transform data into actionable intelligence.

The biggest benefit of business intelligence in the fashion industry comes in the ability to track and understand crucial trends. Making informed decisions is a vital part of the apparel environment when it comes to choosing a design that can become a global trend. Business intelligence tools and analytics come with solutions that help buyers and marketing experts to understand what kind of audience they need to appeal to.

Or it can be hard to establish an accurate picture of the performance of complex programmes due to the challenge of reporting against huge amounts of siloed data. Employee health and wellbeing are therefore crucial to an organisation’s success. However, the working environment has been reframed with most of the workforce now working remotely. BI has a massive role to play in supporting these critical decisions being made.

At a time when business leaders need to make rapid and often difficult decisions, having confidence in the data which underpins these judgements is of paramount importance. When such decisions may need to change at short notice based on macro or micro economic factors, having the capability to harvest and assimilate data at speed is critical. Now that the marketplace is more competitive than ever, organisations in every industry need to do whatever it takes to stand out. Often, the easiest and most effective way to differentiate is through data-driven solutions for better customer experience and business performance.