Business Intelligence Strategy 2018

If you think business intelligence is just for big corporations, think again! From SME to enterprise, we help businesses of all sizes simplify data analytics and solve reporting challenges, so they can streamline operations and make informed decisions. Specialising in business intelligence, we help organisations turn their data into meaningful insights so they can make informed decisions and accelerate business performance. OpenText™ Business Intelligence is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports. Keep your finger on the pulse – with our economic, political and regulatory intelligence and analysis.

Information is stored across multiple, disparate systems and manually based data management processes are time- consuming and error-prone. From the executive level to the front lines, effective decision-making is compromised without reliable, timely data. As of 13 August 2020, COVID-19 has affected more than million people globally, including 744,385 deaths, reported to WHO. The virus has also had severe economic implications, leaving organisations facing a unique set of new challenges…

We’ve seen the most value created when inputs to the model can be flexed and the outputs are displayed in near real time via an easy to interpret dashboard. Any previous data from economic impacts that can be incorporated into these models can increase the accuracy of predicted outcomes. Often during tough times, organisations will cut costs down to the bone without foresight or understanding where the true fat is. Effort should be focused on protecting growth and profitability through modelling and scenario planning. BI therefore has a massive part to play in supporting how businesses best structure themselves to weather all storms. But in recent years, data has proven to be immensely profitable when harnessed to good effect and using data to inform businesses decisions can be categorised as business intelligence .

Business users can also format reports and save queries for later re-use. Please enter your BI user email address and password to log in to see your data and reports. The CBI is the UK’s premier business organisation, providing a voice for firms at a regional, national and international level to policymakers. It’s also an important part of the business world – and when conducted legally, ethically and effectively, it is a critical tool for any organisation seeking to… Money laundering should be near the top of the list of any business owner’s concerns. Anti-money laundering legislation and regulations are strict and increasingly enforced, and remaining in compliance through implementing proper prevention controls is…

Iridium, now part of BigHand, offers and financial analytics that have been designed from “day one” specifically for law firms. Our products include financial reporting, alerting, GL budgeting, matter budgeting, partner compensation, profitability, and of course business intelligence. Leave with actionable insights from case studies and successful business applications learned from peers to drive profitability and discover the best tools and solutions to increase ROI.

The data, before being used in reports and dashboards, is standardized, cleansed, and transformed in the EDW. While traditional BI solutions provided a lot of historical information, they are posing newer challenges. On our Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining MSc, your learning will be supported by experienced SAS-accredited staff, who will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of SAS business intelligence software. This course explores the application and development of techniques used by enterprises for the analysis of business information. Throughout the course we will expand your knowledge of contemporary software tools and help you to gain invaluable insights into real-world solutions through our research groups, guest lectures and seminars.

The oil, gas & energy industry is a massive portion of the world’s economy, dealing mainly in petroleum – including upstream and downstream (oil tankers,… Are you worried about Employee Theft, Company Fraud, competition, constant absenteeism, or Industrial Espionage? Some of these can start off on a relatively small scale but as time progresses, and the perpetrator becomes bolder in their endeavors , the situation can soon become out of control and start damaging your business. At CRI® Group we know that information is your biggest asset when conducting business on any level. Find out how HR and SEO services firm played a central role in the successful rebranding and relaunch of The Children’s Mutual.

It is a predominantly paper based organisation, particularly when reporting and tracking KPIs/metrics. There was a lack of comprehensive, regularly produced management information which inhibited the organisation from making informed decisions. When it comes to business intelligence , organisations face a range of challenges depending on where they are in their BI journey. These include the cost, time and technical expertise needed to implement BI tools.

It can be especially useful to create bespoke teams and job roles, such as analysts, within the company’s various departments that are dedicated to data. In doing so, businesses can foster a data-first culture and cement the idea that BI is the driving force towards success in the modern business world. Information Week study found that in businesses with a BI solution in place, only a quarter of staff members could access the tools. This is an important figure, as it shows that we still have a long way to go before everyone is making the most of business intelligence. One of the things that may be responsible for this knowledge gap is the fact that the business intelligence definition that we know today is only just beginning to mature.

An in-depth understanding of the marketplace improves a company’s chances of choosing the fashion trends that will appeal most to their target audience. Business analytics, on the other hand, takes the information gathered from the business intelligence landscape and generates rich reports in custom dashboards and visualisations. Self-service analytics means that even team members who aren’t data analysts can access these powerful insights.