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To be an effective regulator, we must both respond to today’s challenges and prepare for those of tomorrow. We need to better understand the emerging risks and opportunities so that the huge benefits to consumers are captured and the important harms mitigated. Firms need to do more to make financial services work well for consumers.

The detail you need here depends on what stage you’re at with your business, as well as the size of your business. You might want to ask for expert help and advice on crunching the forecasts. Here you detail the numbers – especially important if you’re looking for investment. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify.

In the longer term, when any legislative changes have been fully implemented, we will also consider consumer and firm confidence in the FCA and UK financial system. Recognise and reduce harmParticipate in the Financial Inclusion Policy Forum and work closely with the Government and other bodies to support consumer access to products and services under our consumer protection and competition objectives. We’re actively exploring how we can use advanced analytical techniques, such as machine learning and AI, for our own supervisory and enforcement.

A marketing plan focused on the marketing strategy, marketing mix, target audience, and campaigns. Don’t leave out your balance sheet, cash flow statements, P&L statements, and income statements. Include your break-even analysis and return-on-investment calculations to create a successful business plan.

Empower consumers and firmsWe have proposed new rules to increase the information consumers get to enable them to make informed decisions. Higher quality promotions will allow consumers to more easily identify suitable products that meet their investment needs and risk tolerance. Appropriate access to financial services is maintainedContinued tracking of access to cash. We’ll report our findings until the Government legislates and a level of cash access has been set for us to monitor against. We have been building a picture of the nature and scale of future supply of credit to borrowers outside the mainstream markets and getting a deeper understanding of the characteristics and needs of consumers who may no longer be able to access credit. We are considering how to support these consumers, as the cost of living increases, without reducing necessary protections and exposing them to further harm.