Corporate Governance And Business Ethics Msc

Our approach is based on The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and applicable national laws, regulations and standards. We monitor the application of these policies and procedures through our business assurance processes. We have in place formal grievance mechanisms with clear routes for people to raise concerns and they will be addressed . Tolerance, equality, and commitment are all taken into account when defining economic morality, which is why the results show that altruism has an impact on economic ethics (Hasan et al., 2021). People’s well-being and other people’s concerns are at the center of this view of morality.

Business ethics can create a unique perception in the mind of a company’s customers, employees, investors, and the general public. The uncertainty that characterises the current economic and political situation impacts on business with public perception that business is not being held accountable for its actions. This has a significant negative impact on how much people trust organisations to contribute to the development of society.

People with a good degree of self-respect take pride in their work and also conduct themselves with professionalism. You can do this by thinking before you speak and actively listening to others in a way that maintains a reverence for their thoughts and ideas. All employees, from the entry-level to the executives, must commit themselves to fairness in the workplace. Fairness ensures that all employees treat each other equally, regardless of their status, tenure, race or age. A company that believes in the fair treatment of workers makes certain they don’t take advantage of each other. To maintain fairness, employees must also be open-minded and understand when it’s necessary to confront the unfair treatment of their fellow employees.

To introduce students to the ethical principles that will allow them to fully appreciate the implications of decision-making and leadership in an increasingly complex business environment. A second trend unearthed by the research showed that even the smallest healthcare companies are capable of building and benefitting from more mature ethics and compliance programs. The potential for such firms, many with less than 10 employees, to elevate their programs is significant and can help spread awareness among peer companies or across the value chain. We insist on a single standard of Petrofac behaviours, which are an integral part of our business and underpin our ways of working. We are committed to enable and embody ethical behaviours, and we continue to invest in our people and processes to ensure that we live up to the commitment. Oversight of our anti-bribery and corruption programme is provided by our Chief Ethics Officer who provides quarterly briefs of the programme status to the Chief Executive Officer and the Risk & CSR Committee.

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. The original contributions presented in the study are included in the article/Supplementary Materials, further inquiries can be directed to the corresponding author. The primary purpose of this test is to assess the robustness of the research results . Endogeneity bias may alter the maximum probability assessment, which is a serious obstacle to the suitability of the results.

Our Board includes members with relevant remediation and corporate corruption experience, while the Compliance and Ethics Committee is overseeing and continuously challenging our Compliance function. It advises our leadership and it had an active role in revising our Code of Conduct to deliver a clear, understandable, and direct tone on compliance to all employees. We identify ethical conduct, bound by rigorous compliance and governance, and the right behaviours, as one of the ESG issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

Some may even have rules about part-time work, freelance opportunities and other side jobs. These rules ensure employees operate within the limitations of conflicts of interest. When an employee is unfamiliar with or disregards the rules for reporting conflict of interests, it can affect their integrity.

This course is about philosophical and ethical issues related to the conduct of business. Some tough-minded people believe that business is like a game where winning means making as much money as possible. They believe that “business ethics” does not exist, that it is a contradiction in terms, and that whoever thinks otherwise — whoever thinks that business is also about treating others respectfully — is either naive, or deluded, or both. What these tough-minded people do not realise is that they are, in fact, making an ethical claim. They claim that, while we generally have ethical obligations towards others in society, when it comes to the game of business everyone is permitted to pay attention only to their personal gain. But it is definitely an ethical statement, simply because it makes claims about how people may permissibly behave.

Codes of Ethics can be described as either principles based and high level or rules based and detailed. Finance professionals must act ethically, but how should they react when under pressure to do otherwise? This CCAB case study outlines one hypothetical ethical dilemma any FD might face, and offers advice on how to resolve it. The University’s public interest disclosure procedures provide a mechanism for staff and students to raise serious concerns which are in the public interest, without fear of reprisal. From time to time, individuals will become aware of confidential information, either about other individuals or about the University’s commercial or academic activities. Such information must be kept confidential and all policies relating to information security and confidentiality must be complied with.

A comparison of the AVE value systems with the maximum shared variance values for each factor is another method for determining discriminant validity (Ahmad et al., 2020). Validity is achieved when the AVE value for a specific variable exceeds the MSV value for that variable alone. The AVE values for all variables are bigger than the MSV values, implying that this assumption is correct. Then, using AVE and item loadings, a convergent validity study was performed to see how closely the items were linked (Calisir et al., 2014).