Essential Guide To Writing A Business Plan

And if you need more, describe your strategies for procuring it. Think of this section like your elevator pitch, i.e., how would you concisely answer the question “What’s your business all about? ” This part should also include where you see the most potential and opportunity for your business, and why. Change the use of a building, such as from residential to commercial , you may need planning permission. Research will help you to make decisions about what will sell and what won’t and where opportunities lie.

Ensure your annual accounts are correctly compiled and submitted to the HMRC. You will need to register as self-employed with the HMRC by filling in the appropriate SA form and submitting it. Your business name should be something that’s simple to say, spell and remember.

Here’s where you may also seek out mentors, or even ask fellow small business owners how they got up to speed. Public liability insurance- Provides cover against claims by members of the public who’ve been injured or had property damaged due to carelessness by you or any of your employees. Premises are the biggest expense that new businesses face, so it’s worth working from home initially if possible. Alternatively, you could rent or purchase private business premises, or work within a shared business hub.

This is the most reliable way to validate your business idea. Because the people in these groups and spaces may become your potential customers, it’s important to understand exactly what they want and need before attempting to market and sell to them. Registering is an important step when it comes to handling your business finances.

These locations often give startups other benefits, such as access to a network of fellow innovative companies. It can be difficult to know where to start when shopping around for new office space. Anneka Wallington told us that Recognised quickly outgrew her living room. Wallington was tasked with finding new premises that didn’t compromise the business’s cash flow. Think about access limitations – you may need to provide access for employees, customers and deliveries outside working hours. When you’re setting up a new business, it can be tempting to emulate the famous Henley line “I am the master of my fate” and try to go it alone.

Verify that the company has a responsive customer service team rather than an automated machine or poor customer service. This can be a nightmare when internet problems occur and has a been a big problem over the last year, particularly in the UK. Fist set up an email address using G Suite or another third party email service. Then you’ll need to make sure your email is routed correctly which is done by updating your MX records.

As you don’t need to take direction from a boss, every decision is your own. This is incredibly empowering and gives you a chance to step into your own authority. Moreover, half of the global population says they will not return to shops for some time even with the ease of lockdown restrictions, meaning online businesses will continue to be in high demand.

Licensed Accountant and past AAT president Henry Cooper FMAAT speaks of business owners making naive decisions as a major reason for startup failure. “I’ve seen many businesses who are working through aninappropriate structure,” he says. Consider also what your business will need in terms of costs for the initial launch and for its ongoing operations. Whilst cutting corners might save you money in the short term, ultimately it may lead to you spending more money later on.

You can also use Excel to create and update a clear structure, this helps to give you a good overview of the plan. Make sure to use a theme that is consistent throughout the document regarding fonts, colours and design features. This section is about demonstrating a clear plan from a marketing and sales perspective as to how you intend to achieve your objectives, whether that is scale, revenue generation or some other tactic. If the conditions are not right for your business model in your home country market look for a country where they are.