Is it possible to patent computer software?

“Try before you buy” is a great way to check if the software is right for your business’s needs. It started in 1991 when compression software wasn’t included in Windows. Freeware software examples cover a wide base of useful applications from audio to virtual machines. When the CD went missing it took forever to find the right driver software online. Internal components like the hard drive and processor each require its own driver. They’re termed IDEs or integrated development environments and programmers use them for a reason.

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  • The Computer Science Software Systems Development course aims to deliver graduates that can apply best practice in the application of software engineering to the development of a wide range of information systems in organisations.
  • The accreditation also allows you to apply for professional membership of the BCS after you have successfully completed your degree.
  • Trying to track down a bug over thousands of lines of code is next to impossible in a simple text editor.
  • Learn concepts and techniques in the field of mixed reality and user-centred testing and implement mixed reality applications using technologies applicable to the problem domain.
  • The role also covers writing diagnostic programs and designing and writing code for operating systems and software to ensure efficiency.
  • If you are seeking patent protection for computer software in the UK, consider filing a European patent application rather than a UK national patent application.

The faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing boasts modern, multifunctional teaching and research buildings that support hands-on learning. Laboratories and workshops are equipped to commercial and industrial standards and are available to students both in and out of class time . View our full list of country specific entry requirements on our Entry requirements page. This module introduces students to modern Operating Systems with a focus on security.

Computer software: the basics

Software that will be shared between several employees and applications will typically be installed on a server – usually a bigger and more powerful computer that is often located in a secure office space. This may be a complicated process and will require the correct password and access rights. Compare your list of requirements with the information that you have about each package.