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With just 15 minutes to prep, this stunning frozen pudding is a favourite go-to for any dinner party. As the evenings get warmer, Tom Kerridge is in the kitchen with the perfect alfresco dish. Chef and author of ‘One Pound Meals’ Miguel Barclay is here to help you feed the family for just £1 per head with his pulled chicken and black bean chili. Meliz is back in the kitchen with a simple supper to kickstart the week. Phil Vickerys at a strawberry farm in Surrey to whip up his deliciously strawberry cheesecake.

  • Healthy cookbook for weight loss with delicious low calorie recipes.
  • This chicken tagine recipe is super tasty and is perfect for a midweek meal, OR your next dinner party.
  • Red-figured stamnos , showing meat being roasted on a spit over a fire as part of a sacrifice.
  • Easy to prep, pack or freeze these delicious Argentinian Beef Empanadas are the perfect snack for your picnic or packed lunch.

Angela Hartnett has the answer to the ultimate Friday night in, with her classic chicken pie. Phil Vickery is brightening things up in the kitchen, and adding a touch of spice, with his cheesy, delicious quesadillas. Jane Dunn is taking us on a trip to chocolate heaven today, with her decadent, no-bake Toblerone Tart. As we enjoy the warmest day of the year so far, Phil Vickery is helping you cool down with three delicious home-made frozen treats. The man who has catered for the Oscars for over 20 years, Wolfgang Puck, is live in the This Morning kitchen. Phil’s kicking off Monday with a real treat for both the taste buds and the purse strings.

Phil Vickery’s family flapjacks

A wonderful ‘quick bread’ that has the texture and taste of a farmhouse loaf. Please note, this recipe doesn’t work with low-alcohol beer. The Rayburn Hotplate makes toasted sandwiches so easy.

If you’re looking to spice up your hump day, then look no further! Clodagh’s back in the kitchen to share one of her favourite summer showstoppers, a delicious creamy risotto. Everyone loves a cupcake and these lemon and white chocolate beauties are perfect for the warmer weather.

Her Griddled Radicchio and Strawberry Risotto is one of her signature dishes. The bitterness of the radicchio and the sweetness of the strawberries is an inspired combination and shows how a fusion of flavours and cuisines can work beautifully. Try this Butterfly Leg of Lamb for a classic spring lunch. Marinade the meat overnight to develop the flavourings.

Phil Vickery’s Jubilee strawberry cheesecake

You can catch up on Naomi’s Facebook Live on cooking vegetables in the AGA here. Perfect all year round, French Onion Soup offers rich flavour. You can catch up on Naomi’s Facebook live on cooking vegetables in the AGA here. These toasted pumpkin-shaped tortilla sandwiches make a fun and tasty Halloween snack. They are super quick to make using the AGA simmering plate. Fill with this cheesy roasted squash mixture or your own choice of fillings.

Juliet’s Jubilee bakes part 2: Royal trifle

This turkey will be cooked to perfection, and in half the time in an AGA. If you often want something quick without too much fuss, double or treble this recipe, take the surplus and pop portion-sized amounts into individual freezer bags. And voila (or “he aqai” as they say in Mexico) instant homemade meals for a flexible amount of people. No one will be asking for fast food again once you’ve spoilt them with this dish. There’s nothing quite like a homemade burger, succulent and full of flavour, plus you know what’s in them and can control their size depending on the audience.

A Christmas dinner staple that can be prepared ahead of time and reheated. The perfect accompaniment to turkey is always cranberry sauce. Try this version from AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako.