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Reducing your premiums and exposing your business to future losses is a false economy. Examples of underinsuring include understating the actual amount of stock you hold on the premises, or the amount your business generates in turnover. Research new procedures and technologies as they become available and make a plan to implement those that offer the greatest benefits to your business. Be consistent with training and review your safety policies often so you can make adjustments and updates as needed. Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, each year you can benefit from comparing the rates that different insurance companies offer. Business insurance premiums can be a significant expense for a small business.

If a serious accident affects your livelihood, this type of cover also pays out a lump sum. Whether you’re a hands-on sports coach or a well-versed educational consultant, it’s possible to find the right business insurance products for your needs when you generate a quote. Commercial property insurance, which covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises, or replacing your stock or equipment. Keep your company up-and-running no matter what with AXA’s business insurance. We offer flexible, tailored cover to help sole traders, self-employed people and small and medium-sized businesses grow.

Crisis Solution Insurance provides your employees with the confidence to represent you, anywhere. Management liability solutions help protect public, private, and non-profit companies from a wide range of board-level exposures. With the largest environmental underwriting team in Europe and high capacity, AIG can provide expert decision making and added value consultancy services in local markets. Our CorporateGuard offering is the strongest we have ever produced.

Us looking out for you means you’ll spend less time doing insurance and more time doing business. Whether you whizz through online or talk it through with the team, you’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t. We offer 50 years experience in delivering market-leading fronting and captive solutions worldwide.

Of course, in your line of work you provide care and make careful decisions for the health of your patients and give your very best. However, this also means that insurance is vital as you could be exposed to claims. People power is everything for the UK’s small businesses and particularly for micro-businesses including start-ups. That’s why personal accident insurance could be so important – if you or an employee is unable to work due to an accidental injury, we’ll keep your business healthy with up to £250 per week.

Get an online quote for business insurance today to find out how Hiscox commercial cover can keep your empire healthy. Different businesses require different types of insurance, that’s why we let you pick and choose the covers that go into your policy. So, whether you’re a retailer or a dog groomer, an IT consultant or a photographer, you can choose the cover that’s just right for your business. If you hold sensitive customer data, process payments online or just want peace of mind, Cyber cover should be considered.

We’ve helped customers with cases such as the software professional accused of sub-standard development work and also the wildlife photographer whose photography kit was stolen by baboons. While not required by law, bear in mind that some clients might ask for proof of certain types of insurance, like public liability insurance, before giving you work. If you have employees, it is a legal requirement to take out employers liability insurance. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to take out other types of insurance too. We will discuss the liability insurance you need and the level of cover you require and obtain quotes from a number of specially selected insurers to allow you to choose the right policy.

A business professional may require you to show proof of professional indemnity insurance before hiring you as a consultant. If the people in question pursued legal action against you, public and product liability insurance would cover the costs you are liable to pay. Employers liability insurance protects you, your business and your employees, if a member of staff makes a claim. For example, a member of staff falling off scaffolding, or an office employee tripping over a cable and breaking their wrist. It’s important to note that this type of business insurance only protects the building itself. The contents, such as your office equipment you might have, will need to be covered by office contents insurance.

If someone in your business is unable to work due to a temporary injury, then after 7 days we’ll pay their normal net weekly earnings up to £500 for up to 104 weeks. Crime reference or proof of damage and proof of ownership needed. We’ll replace your essential tech within 24hrs of claim approval, with Business Tech Essentials. If you work from home regularly, you should think about your home insurance. Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take out different cover, but you need to make sure that your insurer understands your situation.