Small Business Ideas

Distance learning to clients, building up referrals as you go along to increase your popularity. If you’re homeowners of two or more properties, putting a property on Airbnb for tourists or travellers is a simple way of earning a passive income. You’ll need to keep on top of your Airbnb profile to become popular, though. Sometimes the prices can be ridiculously high, so offering discounted laundry services to those in your neighbourhood is likely to gain some traction.

Here are some creative, low-cost marketing ideas that won’t break the bank. The internet is revolutionising how ordinary people can become hoteliers, car rental services and even taxi services – all without spending a fortune. Services such as Uber let you become a taxi driver , while services such as Airbnb allow you to rent out a room in your home – or your entire home. It’s possible to rent out your driveway for around £10 per day through sites such as JustPark, while if you don’t use your car you can rent it out to others through services such as easyCar Club.

As long as there are parents who need a night off from their kids, there will be an opportunity to make money from babysitting. It’s a great small business because it can pay pretty well and you’re not restricted by set hours. It’s one of those businesses that grows best by word of mouth, so if you start looking after a neighbour’s children, you could soon find yourself in high demand!

In time, as you take more dogs out, you could get a van and buy crates, a ramp for dogs to climb into the van, signwriting on the side of the van, etc. The Digital Marketing Institute offers a professional diploma in social media marketing. For this test you’ll need your licence, a face covering, a suitable car and a pupil. You should also bring a log book with you which details the training that you’ve been doing to qualify as an approved driving instructor. Similar to an accountant,bookkeepingis the recording of financial transactions. This is a great home business idea because you can choose your hours and can often manage relationships with clients electronically.

Becoming a stock photographer is relatively simple to start; you’ll a decent DSLR camera and experience in photography. You’ll get paid royalties for licensing or for one-off purchases depending on the platform . In terms of marketing you can reach customers through the standard digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, paid search marketing…).

Many fundraisers specialise in specific verticals such as MarTech, Fintech and GeoTech. IT support businesses are largely knowledge-based endeavours that will require you to have a good understanding of different operating systems, security systems (including anti-virus) and hardware . To start a laundry service, you need is to buy or get access to a low cost and large capacity laundry machine, learn the basics about detergents and how to correctly wash clothes without damaging them. Printing via home/standard business printers is often expensive, lacks quality and is slow when it comes to large volumes of printed materials (business cards, leaflets, posters…). This is why commercial printers exist, allowing individuals and businesses to order high quality, efficient and low-cost printing at quantity. Getting bookings on short-term rental platforms is all about photos and reviews.

The list is endless consider accountants, web designers, tradespeople, they sell their time and skills by offering their services. A few more well-known examples are plumbers, beauty therapists, hairdressers and writers are well-known examples. It is possible to apply skills you have acquired in education or another job role to a new business idea.

Why sell your own products, when you can sell someone else’s (eliminating the hassle/risk of stock, delivery and payment). The days of street touts selling tickets have largely gone as resale has mostly moved online. To get started you’ll need to create accounts on Viagogo, Biletto and other secondary ticket market sites.

Online stores such as eBay or Etsy provide global sales platforms for craft businesses. You will need a vehicle to carry your business equipment, it’s also important to consider that some mobile businesses may require a specially adapted and fitted-out van. Why work in an office building for someone else when you could work in your own home for yourself?