Small Capital Game Top Up Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity- Since the emergence of various online games on smartphones, the online game market continues to increase until now. Of course, Sedulur can take advantage of this opportunity to get ‘cash’, namely by opening a top-up game business.

As we all know, almost every online game provides premium features that require players to pay. By becoming a game top-up agent, Sedulur will indirectly help players when they want to buy premium features in the games they play.

So, for those of you who are interested in this business, let’s discuss fully how to become the cheapest top-up game reseller. Immediately, see the information below!

Game top-up business

As has been said before, currently the number of online game players, especially mobile, is increasing. Sometimes for some reason, they have to top up to buy in-game diamonds or coins that can be used to unlock features or buy premium items.

Yes, in fact, they can do it themselves directly, such as buying at minimarkets or places that provide game top-up services. However, many players don’t have much time to do this.

Well, Sedulur can take advantage of this by becoming a top-up game reseller. So, later Sedulur will provide top-up services for players who want to fill diamonds in their game accounts.

They don’t have to bother going to the mini-market or other places. To provide this top-up service, Sedulur must be a partner of a diamond service provider. No need to worry, it will be explained later, how to become a diamond top-up agent.

Top-up game business advantages

It is certain that this top-up game business is able to provide many benefits for the perpetrators. That’s why now many people are starting to get into this business. Well, here are some of the advantages of running a diamond top-up business.

1. Lots of fans

Currently, online games include special needs for most people. What’s more, many online games are categorized as e-sports and are starting to appear in various championship olympiads.

2. The fast development of the game industry

The game’s graphics are getting smoother with a variety of storylines, making people’s interest increase. So, this makes players need game vouchers to improve the quality of their games.

3. Not everyone has a credit card

Not everyone has a credit card or payment service to buy game vouchers. What’s more, many gamers are still under the legal age to access credit card services.

There are many paid items

Almost every online game presents premium or paid items. If players want to use it, of course, they have to top up first.

How to open a game top-up business

To start this top-up business, Sedulur can become a partner of one of the diamond service providers. Well, actually the way to open and run this business is almost the same. Sulfur can follow the game top-up business method below, and adjust to the services used.

  1. First, please download the application first or visit the site of one of the services that you will use.
  2. After that, create an account by registering an email address or mobile number that is still active.
  3. Then fill in your personal data completely.
  4. Then click on the “Register” button when everything is complete.
  5. If the registration process is complete, Sedulur just waits for confirmation from the party concerned.
  6. Well, now Sedulur can directly run this business.

Recommended top-up game platform

1. UniPlay

UniPlay presents the “UniPlay Reseller” program, where Sedulur can become a reseller to sell game vouchers at low prices and maximum profit margins.

2. Dunia Games

Initially, Dunia Games was a website that discussed various online and offline games. However, this site provides reseller services to top up Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and so on.

3. Unipin

You can join Unipin to become a reseller, by registering first through the Google Form.

Tips and secrets of a successful top-up game reseller

  1. Choose a trusted partner.
  2. Do as much promotion as possible.
  3. Introduce first to your closest friends.
  4. Set a reasonable price.
  5. Provide the best service, especially a matter of time.
  6. Don’t let anyone be in debt.
  7. Run other businesses, such as selling credit and vouchers.

Well, that’s a little information that can be explained about the top-up game business. For now, you could say this business opportunity is successful and has become very large. What’s more, the number of online game players is increasing day by day.