Start Up Business Ideas

Dropshipping works at a lower profit margin than buying stock upfront, 20-30% profit margin being normal, whereas with buying stock from a wholesaler a margin of 60-70% would be common . Unlike even the most ethical of other start-ups, social enterprises have environmental or social values at the very core of everything they do. Sarah Giblin, founder of RiutBags, answers common start up questions from would-be entrepreneurs. Launched in early 2010, following 18 months of R&D, SnoozeShade™ is a blackout blind for pushchairs designed to help babies sleep during the day.

If you’re worried about where to start with this plethora of tools, just read our handy guide on the 10 best business tools and services available. The cheapest model to follow when you first begin selling your book is print-on-demand, so you aren’t having to pay huge amounts for physical copies that may not even sell . If you include costs for purchasing and branding your vans, getting insurance and buying proper equipment, a typical gardening business might cost you between £5,000 and £10,000. Rachael Flanagan, founder of the commercial cleaning company Mrs Buckét, started her company sixteen years ago with only £20 to her name. Commercial cleaning is far more profitable, but keep in mind that the businesses you will be working for will have procedures you must adhere to, and high standards to meet. Some companies will also have strict sustainable cleaning policies in place, so keep this in mind when it comes to purchasing cleaning products.

The beauty of consultancy is you can work from your own home or onsite for clients where needed. To get started you’ll need to be an authority in a particular subject matter where there is a demand for outside advice. One of the hardest things in the world of business is finding high-quality designers.

If you like to spend a large amount of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then this could be the best small business idea for you. Well before you can sell anything, you need to create a website for your online store. The great news is there are brilliant ecommerce platforms at your disposal that will create your website for you in a few simple clicks, or provide you with a template from which you can build your ideal store.

All you need to do is pick one… And copy this entire tried-and-true roadmap that some of these people followed to make a high income within a year or less. You can see the awards and accreditations that we have gained, including for business support, that make us qualified to guide and support you through your business journey. Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more sought after as we move away from plastics and unsustainable manufacturing methods. Try using organic or recycled materials to make your products, stating clearly that you do so where you display and advertise your products.

Taking an audience-first approach to your small business idea will be extremely low-cost. Find something you are passionate about and get writing, vlogging or sharing on Instagram. Like freelancing, the options are almost limitless for a coaching business.