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E.g. unreported improvement in mobility or reduced care needs , unreported improved capacity to work etc. For the purposes of a drive-by, car registration details are not considered as private information. Refer the case to the CPS or to LA prosecutors for a decision whether to prosecute. The DWP enforcement policy applies in all DWP FES, joint DWP/HMRC/LA investigations where DWP leads the investigation and to all SFIS investigations. The investigation should establish whether and how the claimant failed to do these things.

Neither Section 115A nor Section 115B of the SSAA1992 apply to tax credits. If a case is not referred to the CPS, DWP have discretion to refer a tax credit case to HMRC for HMRC’s own civil penalty policy to be applied. An overpayment of a social security welfare benefit cannot be offset with a notional entitlement to tax credits (R v The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions EWHC 371, QBD).

Broad headings include old age, disability and survivors, sickness and maternity, work injury, unemployment and family allowances. Sub-categories within these sections provide information on legislation, coverage, source of funds, qualifying conditions and benefit rates. Demographic and other statistics related to social security are also given.

Following the abolition of Council Tax Benefit local rebate schemes called Council Tax Reduction Schemes have been operated by local authorities since April 2013. There is a higher rate and a lower rate, the rules of which are similar to those for the highest and middle rates of Disability Living Allowance – care components. Attendance Allowance is paid to people who are physically or mentally disabled, State Pension age or older and have attention or supervision requirements.

If the defence assert that the Department assured the defendant that he would not be prosecuted the prosecutor should ask the defence to provide details of any assurances made so that the DWP/LA can investigate further. Joint investigations are sometimes conducted between DWP and HMRC Investigators, led by the DWP. Under SFIS arrangements DWP, HMRC and Local Authority investigators authorised by the Secretary of State under Section 109A of the SSAA 1992 will also conduct tax credit investigations. It is not necessary to be a designated Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office prosecutor. Where a tax credit case is investigated but does not meet the DWP’s criteria for submission for prosecution the case may be referred to HMRC to consider whether a civil penalty or other disposal will apply. Administrative penalties are an alternative to prosecution where the case is deemed not to be so serious that prosecution should be considered in the first instance.

Unless the police are involved in the criminal investigation, proceedings are instituted by postal charge and requisition by the CPS following a prosecutor’s decision to prosecute or a decision to charge by CPSD, in certain cases. FES investigators, LA and HMRC tax credit investigators, have the power to apply the applicable enforcement policy. In exceptional cases where the prosecutor decides that a caution is suitable, DWP may administer an administrative caution. This can be an appropriate disposal where the criteria set out in the Ministry of Justice guidance on simple cautions for adult offenders are met. If the individual is subsequently prosecuted for another benefit offence, the administrative caution may be cited in court.

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